InES organisiert Special Journal Issue über Smart Services and Software Platforms mit

Call for Papers: Smart Services and Software Platforms (IEEE TEMS)

The ubiquitous availability of digital connected devices foster the rise of more and more computational services in complex cyber-physical systems. Especially software innovations in the areas of data science, machine learning, as well as software architecture and engineering facilitate the arising of smart services and software platforms, which can operate context- and self-aware in real time (Anastasopoulos et al. 2005, Herold et al., 2008; Rausch et al., 2013). This progress is observable in the public, in the design of the customer-provider interface (Zerr et al., 2017) as well as in the industrial space under denotations such as Smart City, Smart Home, or Industrial Internet (Bartelt et al., 2005; Rausch et al. 2009). A unifying phenomenon of this class of software-based systems is that the traditional scientific models are not able to sufficiently support the runtime-composition as well as decentralized and concurrent engineering processes.

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