Research Group: AI-Systems Engineering

Dr. Christian Bartelt

Fabian Burzlaff
Research Topics: Software Architectures, IoT, Sowftware-Development Processes and symbolic KI

Nils Wilken
Research Topics: Goal- and Plan recognition of Agents, KI-based Planning

Michael Pernpeintner
Research Topics: KI-based Control of competitive Multi-Agent-Systems

Christian Schindler
Research Topics: Software Architectures, Abstraction of Implementation details, Software security

Nils Wieber
Research Topics: Microservice-Architecturs, (declarative) API-Composition

Christian Schreckenberger
Research Topics: Machine Learning (NN and DT), Data Streams and Missing Data

Kristian Kolthoff
Research Topics: NLP für Requirements Engineering, Dialog Systeme für Requirements Engineering und Beratung

Sascha Marton
Research Topics: Explainability Artificial Intelligence (XAI), Automated Machine Learning (AutoML)

Lars Hoffmann
Research Topics: Data-Driven Test Case Generation

Noah Metzger

Associated Researchers

Okan Aydingül

Matteo Blondi

Dr. Ioana Hulpus

Dipl. Rer. Pol. Sonja Klingert

Nele Lüker

Christian Müller

Jens Naber

Anna-Maria Seeger

Dr. Kai Spohrer

Deborah Mateja

André Halckenhäußer

Ekaterina Jussupow

Luis Oberste

Manuel Fink

Kilian Theil
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